The #GoalieUnion (London Minor Lacrosse Association)

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Goaltender Equipment Specifications and Exemptions

Box Lacrosse Goalie Drill Library

Theory & Wisdom

Watch Yourself


Less Guess, more reality

Communicating with Defense

Pressure in Timing Situations

Mental Focus

Technique Gripping the Stick


Weight Placement

Stopping the Dunk

Bounce Pass

Don’t Lock the Stick

Loose Balls and Picks

Don’t Bounce

Tennis Ball Warm-up

Board Drill #1

Board Drill #2

Tennis Ball Warm-up

Various other 
Goaltender Videos

Goaltending  Getting set to shooter

Goaltender Warmup Shooting Drill

Warm up drill

Goaltender   22 degree shooter drill

- holding stick at 22 degrees will help goalies keep upright in their position covering the top of net.


How To Play Box Lacrosse Goalie